LaShonda Nunn

About LaShonda Nunn

My Name is LaShonda Nunn my professional background has been in Client Management Services & Quality Assurance for 20 years. I ‘am a highly motivated individual and I love working in fast pace environments. I pay close attention to details. I’m a champion for change in which I love a challenge. I’m also a mentor for the Johnson County Family Courts. I transitioned into the real estate industry because I love helping make people happy in there life changing events. I bring a smile and a sense of ease to the day-to-day office chaos and the client service team. I an a advocate of the CELT Realty mission. My Desire is to help grow the company’s brand and assist with customer care and the quality of services we provide. I look forward to growing with CELT Realty Group and becoming very knowledgeable of real estate from residential to commercial as I serve as the Office Administrator here at CELT Realty Group. My hobbies are reading, researching, watching documentaries, spending time with my family, and traveling!